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Cities of Kings

Bespoke Traveler:

We couldn’t resist reposting what our dear friend Restless Jo had to say about our book, “Cities of Kings.”

Originally posted on restlessjo:

Cities_Of_Kings_Cover_2a.225x225-75I have to admit to being a little nervous when I was approached recently for my views on the above book, Cities of Kings.  I have followed Bespoke Traveller for quite some time and didn’t want to spoil a good friendship.  I needn’t have worried. Atreyee Gupta and Jesse Japitana have done a great job.  Their passion and enthusiasm for architecture and history transmits readily to this self-publication, and I am delighted to be able to heartily recommend it.

London is a city which captured my imagination as a girl, and it has never really let it go.  I visit infrequently these days, but when I do it conjures the same excitement and sense of pride I felt back then.  I delight in the architecture, old and new, and in that skyline, pierced anew by gravity-defying creations.

With Paris, I have only a fleeting acquaintance.  That same starry-eyed girl…

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Leadenhall Market

This week Ian from London Unveiled reveals one of London’s lesser known but wonderful landmarks. 

Photo courtesy of London Unveiled

Photo courtesy of London Unveiled

Many visitors to London visit the typical top tourist attractions, whether it be viewing Parliament, visiting Madame Tussaud’s or riding on the London Eye.  But London has much more to offer for those who are willing to go beyond the customary sights.  In my opinion London is at its best when a visitor experiences something they find – a hidden courtyard, a Christopher Wren church other than St. Paul’s, or a unique historic place.   Continue reading

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London’s Wrenaissance

Tower_BridgeFor most Londoners their city is entwined with the artwork of Christopher Wren. When London was ravaged by the Great Fire of 1666, it was Wren who rebuilt the entire city, searching for a way to bring elegance and tenderness to a burgeoning metropolis. It is this humanity about Christopher Wren’s architectural designs that speaks to me. This is why, every time I visit London, England, I make a beeline towards his ultimate masterpiece, St. Paul’s Cathedral. Perhaps it is the seamless way Wren mingles eastern curves with western straight symmetry. Perhaps it is the way the interior of his constructions play with innovative designs borrowed from the classical Romans. Perhaps it is the way he blends refinement and gaudiness for a look that is purely English. More likely it is a summation of these qualities that not only makes me an admirer of Christopher Wren’s talents, but also endears the city of London to me. Continue reading

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Art Comes to Life

IT’S ALIVE! Artist Maisie Broadhead gives a sneak peek into how she brought her vision to life.

SOURCE: Video from Whitehouse Content, http://vimeo.com/44374830

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